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Chronosfactor is a Moscow-based business created by 3 young individuals --- Kirill, Ilyasha and Sergey ---who hunt, recover, and restore Soviet Era paraphernalia and furniture from abandoned factories around the country. This includes huge posters from factories, murals and mosaics, furniture, lockers, lighting, chandeliers, old dacha windows and other meaningful paraphernalia linked to the Soviet Era. Their showroom/warehouse is located in a building across the courtyard of an official government institution, so security is tight. Making an appointment with one of the owners is necessary.

Clients were few and far in between when they opened in 2015. But the situation has evolved since then : young Russians have expressed interest in these Soviet objects and symbols dating anywhere between the 60s to 90s. Both locals and expats have embraced their work, commissioning pieces for their restaurants, homes, dachas and lofts. Moscovites are opening up to their past, shedding superstition (some clients used to douse the objects they bought from them in Holy Water) and replacing their love for shiny gold with rusty emblems of history. There is an elaborate amount of time and effort involved in Chronosfactor's work, from the acquisition of objects (they cite locating a factory owner for permission as the one of the most tedious parts of their job) to their restoration.

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