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Fortune teller

I spent the entire afternoon listening to Calexico’s album ‘Algiers’, particularly the song Fortune Teller. Calexico’s charm lies in their diversity; they switch styles as often as a low self-esteem teenager does hair colours. 

It started with this iPod game I often play: Shuffle and Guess (the game is self-explanatory). I played mostly because I was procrastinating — I was paralyzed by the idea of finally, finally finishing my portfolio. My last attempt to organise my portfolio ended in tragedy: the tragedy of having 200 photos for each of my 30 categories. 

So Fortune Teller comes on, and I put the album on repeat. And halfway into the album I decided to ditch ‘work’ or ‘professional’ categories and just add photos that made me happy I had a camera with me that day. As a result, this site has mostly analog photos, and other shots that are loopy or awkward, because I really do like grain in photos, over- and under exposure, and imperfection in general.

Kyoto 2015